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Federated Community Church of Hampden

One in the Spirit. One in the Lord

Federated Community Church of Hampden

Worship Service and Christian Education

Sundays 10:00am to 11:00am

590 Main St. | PO Box 246

Hampden, Massachusetts 01036

413 566-3711 | [email protected]

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Scholarship Awards


For the encouragement of higher education of worthy students who reside in the Town of Hampden, Mass. Each applicant must be a resident of the town of Hampden, a graduate of the Hampden Public Schools and of Minnechaug Regional High School or a public High School in Springfield, Mass., and a member and regular attendant for at least two years of the Federated Community Church of Hampden, Mass. Awards shall be based on scholarship, deportment, need and the probability that further education will be of lasting benefit to the recipients. Payments are awarded for one year only unless the Scholarship Committee believe they should be renewed.


A token of appreciation of the Church. Each applicant must be an active member of the Federated Community Church of Hampden now in college or higher education institution entering the second year or above. Consideration will be given for involvement in church activities, extracurricular activities in school and/or community, and financial need. Every consideration will be given to help each applicant who fulfills the eligibility requirements and turned in a completed form by the deadline.


Established to perpetuate the memory of the YOLA Guild [1938 - 1988] membership by providing money annually for scholarships in its memory. Each applicant must be a member of the Federated Community Church of Hampden. There are no restrictions placed on recipients as to age or sex. Selection shall be based on scholastic achievement and need, with participation and service to the church considered in deciding between equally qualified candidates.


Established by the family of Edwin Lombard as a memorial to Ed who was committed to young people, the church and education. Each recipient must be a member of the Federated Community Church of Hampden entering college as a freshman. Selection shall be based on the applicants active participation in the Church.


Established in 1996 by the will of Carl Larson for the benefit of persons under the age of twenty-one (21) years who are residents of the Town of Hampden, Massachusetts, and who, regardless of religious affiliation, are of good moral character and deserving of financial assistance while pursuing their further education, or for any public charitable uses involving educational, cultural, or recreational activities which will benefit such young people in the town.