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Federated Community Church of Hampden

One in the Spirit. One in the Lord

Federated Community Church of Hampden

Worship Service and Christian Education

Sundays 10:00am to 11:00am

590 Main St. | PO Box 246

Hampden, Massachusetts 01036

413 566-3711 | [email protected]

Upcoming Events

Let's be social!

Events for July, August and September

Missions meeting July 6 6:30 PM

Deacons meeting September 21, 6:30 PM

Deacon's refreshment schedule - please let me know if anyone can fill the

slots for August 21 & 28

July 3 - Karen Gatchell & Susanna Gourlay

July 10 - Rita and Dave Spencer

July 17 Frank & Phyllis Watson

July 24 - Rick & Shari DeSanti

July 31 - Hayden Tibbetts and Linda Hornig

August 7 - Don and Linda Schmidt

August 14 - Karen and Dave Anable

August 21 -

August 28 - Cindy Desrosiers?

Summer hours for Sunday services are July and August 9:30-10:30. If there is

a pastoral need while Todd is away please call the deacon of the month. Rev.

Susan Gisbon WUC will be pastoral backup for any concerns. (413)596-2511

[email protected]

Todd is away 27- July 3; Aug 6- 14.

Sundays are July 3, Aug 7 & 14 - Eric Bascom will cover. 413-782-3858

[email protected]

DVD delivery

I will be out of the country from July 16 - Sept 7 but will be available by

email. [email protected] I will be glad to contact people about

volunteering and keeping that schedules etc. I will have some phone access

too as long as I am on WiFi. Volunteer to deliver the DVD to Wilbraham

Public Access TV is Pamela Roger. Their office is located on Springfield St.

at what was the school house. There is a mail box at the back of the

building to drop the DVDs off. Linda Hornig will deliver E. Long. While

Cheryl Fonda is away.

Update & change

Communion - July 3, 2016

Frank Watson

Phyllis Watson

Dave Spencer

Dave Anable

Deacon for July is Karen Anabele

Communion - August 7, 2016

Rick DeSanti

Shari DeSanti

Hayden Tibbetts

Don Schmidt

Deacon for August is Don Schmidt

Communion - September 4, 2016

Linda Hornig

Dave Anable

Karen Anable

Bev Burnell

Deacon for September - Frank Watson

Summer Sunday School Schedule - the weeks that there are no volunteers the

children will stay in with the congregation.

June 19 - Linda Hornig & Marilyn Connor

June 26 - Linda Hornig & Phyllis Watson

July 3 -Karen Gatchell, Marilyn Connor, Susanna Gourlay

July 10 - Karen Gatchell & Marilyn Connor

July 17 - Jeanne & Bruce Westcott

July 24 - Susan & Samantha Quill

July 31 -

August 7 -

August 14 - Tony & Pamela Rogers

August 21 - Janet Modlish & Caryn Paridis

August 28 - Karen & Dave Anable

September 4 - Labor Day weekend - no Sunday School

September 11 - Rally Day, Sunday school sign up - Pizza lunch prepared by

children - volunteers needed

September 18 - 12:30 Field Trip to Red Fire Farm, Granby MA

Many Hands, One Heart ecumenical group

Many Hands, One Heart ecumenical group will be collecting non-perishable

food items for the Community Survival Center, Indian Orchard, at Fountain

Park Concert Series starting on June 16. The park is located on Tinkham

Road, Wilbraham. The concert starts at 6:30. Gates open at 5:30. Food

collections will also be on Saturdays at Hampden Farmers market located at

Bethlehem Church on Allan St. from 10AM. Please sign up on if

interested or contact Karen Gatchell at [email protected] or


Volunteers for food collection on Thursdays at Concert

June 16 - Karen Gatchell & Janet Modlish (FCC)

June 23 - Karen Gatchell (FCC) & Kate Duquette (St. Cecelia's)

June 30 - Women's group (FCC)

July 7 - Susan Gibson (WUC), Karen Gatchell (FCC)

July 14 -

July 21 -

July 28 -

Fountain Park Concert Schedule

June 16 The Cartells & Bill Holloman

June 23 The Glamour Girls

June 30 The Savage Brothers Band

July 7 Good Acoustics

July 14 Heritage Orchestra

July 21 Tom Ingram Band

July 28 The Diamond Collection

Knit Stitch Pray

Future dates for Knit Stitch Pray

Knit Stich Pray is for anyone interested in making prayer shawls, pillow

cases for the homeless, quilts for various charities and dresses for the

Dress A Girl project. Please feel free to drop in for any length of time. No

experience necessary. Supplies available. Whether it's for an hour or all

day, come along and have some fun.

We will meet from 9:30 AM to 4 PM on the following dates.


October 8

November 5

December 10


January 28

February 18

March 25

April 22

May 27

June 10